A Truly Custom Air Freshener for Your Home

Posted by Aaron Jarrels on Jan 13th 2021

A Truly Custom Air Freshener for Your Home


The indoor air you and your family are breathing needs to be as pure as possible. That is what we continually keep being told. If you are using a purifier to clean the indoor air in your home, you are in the minority. Based on manufacturers’ estimates, about 1 in 4 U.S. households own a portable indoor air purifier, including those that come as part of a fan, says Perry Santanachote, home editor at Consumer Reports.

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The research into the efficacy of air purifiers is inconclusive. In 2018, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology analyzed studies of eight interventions believed to help asthma patients, including air purifiers. It found that: “Despite an extensive evidence base spanning several decades, the evidence base as a whole is insufficient to support meaningful conclusions about the effectiveness of many widely used products and strategies for improving patient outcomes by reducing environmental allergen exposure.”

So, what does this say for the indoor air business? The quality of the air is important, sort of, but so is the scent of the air. In fact, when it comes to people’s psychological state, the scent is one of the most important qualities of the air indoors. How do we make sure we are taking care of ourselves and loved ones especially while indoors? By controlling the scent inside your home.

Using essential oils to benefit the mental state of those inside the home is critical in times of stress. The home should be a sanctuary of respite and relaxation. There is no better and easier way to assist in relaxation than with the use of smells and scent. If you would like ideas for blends to check out this.

At VentSense, we strive to have the most convenient and useful custom air freshener on the market. Be sure to ask your essential oil distributor if they offer the VentSense Essential Oil Dispersal A/C Vent Insert.

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